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Community Activity and Overview

Hello, everyone!

Next week, the community is hosting a developer event in New York City. If you can't attend yourself, please help us spread the word!

In other news, the Spice repository got a lot of cleanup this week. The reddit Instant Answer is now using a regex trigger instead of trigger words so thanks to puskin94 for that one. You can see all the other changes made this week (many to triggers, libraries, and UI stuff) in the release notes.

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20 Mar

2015 Open Source Donations

We just made our Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) donations for 2015! Thank you for all the community nominations. As in previous years, we were looking for projects where our donations would move the needle.

Our primary focus this year was to support projects that are bringing privacy tools to those who need them. We chose four projects we think are of paramount importance to achieving that goal: Read the full story
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07 Mar
27 Feb
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20 Feb

Community Activity and Overview

Hey all,

We currently have a few abandoned IAs that are half-done, and needs a little help before going live. One example is the DOI instant answer which needs to use the new Spice API for it to work on the front-end. If you'd like the glory of finishing this instant answer, we'd be excited to tell the community you are the hero. Check out the old discussion here.

If you'd like to revive other IAs, check out the issues in the Spice or Goodies repositories.

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06 Feb
30 Jan

Community Activity and Overview

Hello, everyone!

We now have some work done for next revision of Goodies templates! It's still a work in progress, but we will get the documentation and some examples for it made soon. Goodies templates will make the design/front-end process of Instant Answers much easier, like Spice Templates currently do.

Shout out to the people who worked on the issues in last week's e-mail specifically @tommytommytommy for making Flights prettier, and to @NeoSilky for improving InTheaters. Check out the other notable changes below!

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29 Jan

Thanks To Our Community Leaders

At the heart of DuckDuckGo is our community and at the heart of our community are our Community Leaders. We're proud to have a community as helpful as ours and we'd like to specifically highlight folks who have made a large impact over the past few weeks. Read the full story
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23 Jan

Community Activity and Overview

Hello, everyone!

We've been hard at work on new design templates to use in building your instant answers. We're looking forward to debuting those over the next few weeks. It is part of a larger push for more design templates, styleguides, and a generally easier contribution process. If you have any feedback on how we can improve the Instant Answer process, please let us know or get involved!

Special thanks to andrey-p for fixing last week's issue of improving Nutrition's triggers!

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20 May
18 May

Using Pidgin with our XMPP server at dukgo.com

If you don't know XMPP or Jabber, you should check out the Wikipedia page about it: http://wikipedia.org/wiki/XMPP. In general, it's an instant messaging service, like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, ICQ or Skype, to exchange messages live with other friends. As a client we suggest Pidgin, but there are many more clients for every platform and on any device. You can find a list here: http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/clients/.

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