3 Aug

Our First Ever Global Quack & Hack – Save the Date for Aug 29th

On Saturday, August 29th, we are hosting the first ever Global Quack & Hack – an open source event to improve DuckDuckGo search results by building Instant Answers. Our open source platform, DuckDuckHack enables any developer (novices and experts alike) to create Instant Answers that help you find what you're looking for in few or zero clicks. For example, searching for regex cheat sheet or python code editor? We can show you exactly what you're looking for--above any ads or links--all thanks to DuckDuckHack contributors.

UPDATE: Please finish reading this post and then check out the newest announcement to claim an Instant Answer idea for the event!

The theme of the event is improving technical searches. Imagine Instant Answers when you search for your favorite languages, frameworks and technologies, giving you references, packages and cheat sheets at your fingertips. We already have many developer-related Instant Answers that you can improve on but there are still a ton of searches that don't have Instant Answers. Join us to change that!

The Global Quack & Hack will include 24 hours of live chat support from our staff as well as broadcasts throughout the day to help you code up your favorite ideas. We hope that new and experienced DuckDuckHack developers will join us to improve the technical searches they do most. By bringing our community together on this day, we hope to markedly improve the search experience for all developers using DuckDuckGo.

First, request an invite to our Slack team. From there, you can prepare for the Global Quack & Hack by joining channels focused around developer topics, forming Instant Answer ideas around them, and connecting with like-minded developers you’d like to team up with for the big day:

Slack channels:

  • Android
  • AngularJS
  • Arduino
  • C language
  • Computing
  • C++ language
  • C# language
  • CSS language
  • Docker
  • .NET
  • Erlang language
  • Game Development
  • Go language
  • Groovy language
  • Hardware
  • Haskell language
  • HTML language
  • iOS
  • Java language
  • Javascript language
  • Julia language
  • jQuery
  • Latex language
  • Linux
  • Lua language
  • MATLAB language
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Objective C language
  • Oculus
  • OpenStack
  • Perl language
  • PHP language
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python language
  • R language
  • Ruby language
  • Rust language
  • Scala language
  • Security/Crypto
  • Shell language
  • SQL language
  • Swift language
  • SysAdmin
  • Ubuntu
  • Web Design

If we're missing a Slack channel you'd like to be in charge of, please let us know in your email.

UPDATE: Check out the newest announcement to claim an Instant Answer idea for the event!

Looking forward to seeing you on Slack and at the Global Quack & Hack – save the date for August 29th!

The DuckDuckGo staff

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