18 Jan

Weekly Update 85: An Easy Way To Help Out

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Hello, hackers!

Last week we talked about about new platform features that are available to you. One of the features that is available on the duck.co/ia/dev page is a section called "Recently on Beta" which shows the Instant Answers that are currently in testing.

So an easy way to help out is to simply try these Instant Answers out! See if you're getting things as expected, and feel free to leave a message to the developer even if it's just a simple "This is awesome!" comment.

New Instant Answers

5-minute Fixes

Minecraft: should support alternate names for items

Add alternate names for the recipes so that they're easier to trigger!

GoWatchIt: Ensure we cache compiled regex in variables

Save the regular expressions in variables so that it doesn't have to rebuild it in multiple places.

MD5 & Base64: Triggers should be more strict

Prevent MD5 and Base64 from triggering on queries like "convert image to base64".

Weekend Warriors

Timer: Doesn't show the time in the title bar

Show the remaining time in the browser tab to indicate activity.

Conversions: Auto-conversion from "oz" to "fl oz" doesn't work with "liters"

Automatically convert "oz" to "fl oz" internally when we're dealing with volumes so that queries like "convert 2 liters to oz".

Binary: Goodie can use ISO-8859-1 encoding. Should always be UTF-8

Internally, it seems that we're using ISO-8859-1 encoding instead of UTF-8.

Hope you had a good weekend!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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