5 Feb

Looking back on Global Quack & Hack 2

This past Saturday, the DuckDuckGo community dedicated their time to welcoming new contributors and improving DuckDuckGo's search results. The Global Quack & Hack 2 united DuckDuckGo and open source fans around the world to learn about how to contribute to DuckDuckGo and then put that into practice long-term, as maintainers of the answers the world sees for their searches.

Many new and long-time contributors are still working on Instant Answers, which you can see in the new development pipeline. If you want to oversee the results for searches you care about, you can join us at duckduckhack.com.

Video resources

The resources we prepared for the event will continue to be helpful if you want to know more about the community or how to contribute in detail. We'll leave the video presentations and tutorials available to view here:

Icon for the Global Quack & Hack video album

A huge thank you to all groups and individuals who took part, not just on the day but in the preparation leading up to the event. We're looking forward to the next one already but are exciting to continue coding and contributing with you in the meantime...

  1. DuckDuckGo: State of the Open Source Community
  2. DuckDuckHack: Getting Started
  3. DuckDuckHack Tutorial: Beginner-level Instant Answers
  4. DuckDuckHack Tutorial: Building a JavaScript-focused Goodie
  5. DuckDuckHack: Better Results Through Community


And last but not least, we offered some prizes for the Global Quack & Hack so it's time to announce a couple of winners. Some of the prizes relied on contribution data which we're still gathering, but we're pleased to say the winners of the Sitting Duck and Birds of a Feather awards are [drum roll]...

Sitting Duck Award (individual photo)

A developer wearing a DuckDuckGo t-shirt eating potato chips and a sandwich, drinking Coke while checking the computer screen.
Contributor "Papbros" — very keen but with no hands left for coding!

Birds of a Feather (group photo)

Group photo of the DuckDuckHack meetup group in Kochi, India
The DuckDuckHack meetup group in Kochi, India. The atmosphere and smiles just make us want to be there!

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