10 Dec

Weekly Update 131: New IA format prototypes

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Hello contributors,

As you may have seen, this week we proposed a couple of prototypes for an improvement to documentation Instant Answers. Using Ruby for the test, we're trying out new formats that can show methods and classes both as individual items and also as lists. With breadcrumb links as well, this should enable developers to easily navigate through summaries and examples, with the option to click through to external documentation.

Screenshot of the Instant Answer proposals

We'd love to get your feedback on these formats and have created an anonymous survey with links to test out the prototypes:

www.surveymonkey.com/r/6VZ8D3W (IP address is not collected)

So please give them a try, tell us what you think, and if popular we could roll them out publicly for all languages we cover.

And now for coders, here are some issues we're currently looking for help with...

Weekend Warriors

5-minute-ish Fixes

More open tasks here...

Quick Tip

From the WebCompat team, here's a handy tool that can help your sites to be compatible with more browsers. Its development originated from frustration with some web developers' habits of coding for WebKit or Blink browsers only. Developing and testing a website only in Safari or Chrome, for example, risks it not displaying properly in other browsers. This applies to both major browsers and the many less-common browsers in use on various operating systems and devices.

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, try out this tool by pasting in your CSS:

CSS Fix Me

For every WebKit-specific property you use, it will add a standardised equivalent that will be compatible with all browsers that adhere to web standards. Simple! Of course, the best solution is to use web standards from the beginning but even then, it's still worth checking with automated tools like this.

That's all for now — enjoy your weekend!

- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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So what's the results of the survey ?

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