5 Dec

Friends Newsletter #57

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DuckDuckGo friends,

Last month, we became available as a built-in search option in Firefox! If you hadn't heard the news, you can read more at https://duck.co/blog/firefox

Recently, we made a couple of additions to the search results page that we'd love for you to try out:

  1. A region toggle that boosts results for a particular country/region (per search). Look for the toggle to the right of the results.
  2. A quick way to change the theme of DuckDuckGo (color and layout). Click the menu icon on the top right and select a theme.

Finally, our DuckDuckHack community is constantly creating new Instant Answers and you can too! Check out http://duckduckhack.com/ to get involved. Here are a few instant answers that we recently launched:

Happy Searching!

DuckDuckGo Staff

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It's soooo cool

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