5 Dec

Beer related Instant Answers - Devs, we need you!

Hello everyone!

Recently a new DuckDuckHack developer, @rHoover, reached out to us with an awesome idea for a Vermont Beer Trail Instant Answer. We realized that beer-related IAs in general were lacking, and we want to fix that. So, we asked @rHoover, if he would lead an effort to build a few much-needed Instant Answers related to Beer and he has graciously accepted -- but we don't want him to do it all on his own -- we want the community to get involved and work together!

If there are any devs out there who are particularly passionate about Beer, we want to hear your opinions and we'd love for you to help build some (Spice) Instant Answers! Robin has done a great job of evaluating BreweryDB.com's API, which provides tons of useful data. He's outlined a basic plan for some Instant Answers and now we need some willing devs to start coding these.

Please checkout the related Idea thread and let us know what you'd like to see in beer instant answers! We'd like to get some discussions going and PR's moving. We'll be working on some mockups once the Instant Answers Ideas have been solidified and hopefully soon we'll have some awesome Instant Answers live for everyone to use.

BTW, if there's another category of Instant Answers you think is lacking, please let us and the Community know! Make an Idea thread and suggest some sources!

Have a great weekend!
- The DuckDuckHack Staff

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