26 Jan

Thanks To Our Community Leaders

At the heart of DuckDuckGo is our community and at the heart of our community are our Community Leaders. We're proud to have a community as helpful as ours and we'd like to specifically highlight a few of our most outstanding contributors who've made a large impact over the past few weeks.

Killerfish is our newest Community Leader (congrats) and has helped out with changes to duckPAN as well as first-attempts to update the Last.fm Instant Answer.

MrChrisW is also a recently-added ComLeader who has worked extensively with other contributors, helping them better understand the code they're writing and bringing their Instant Answers to the next level. Check out his addition of ISO support in the sales tax Instant Answer.

Mintsoft showed off some very impressive time-management skills by handling nearly every QuickStart pull request that we received. Considering we've merged more than 50 of them since they debuted, this is no small feat!

x.15a2 has been tackling a large portion of forum inquiries, helping lost users find their way and providing a succinct response to the majority of high-level questions. Arguably more important, though, x.15a2 has done a fantastic job of making sure everyone's voice is heard by assembling common issues and improvement suggestions into actionable feedback for the DDG staff and other ComLeaders.

Preemeijer is both a Community Leader and a Translation Manager who onboards new Translation Managers and help aspiring contributors find paths to leadership.

Thanks again to the Community Leaders (especially those mentioned here) and our open source community! If you're interested in getting more deeply involved with our community, consider becoming a Community Leader!

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