14 Feb

Community Activity and Overview

Hey all,

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day in the U.S. and what greater love is there than the love of open source! Buy yourself a box of chocolates, pluck a rose from your neighbor's garden, and join our community for some great projects going on below!

Shout out to samph for getting the issue with TimeZoneConverter from last week's update fixed!

Notable Changes:

  • TV Shows
    Shows up-to-date information about your favorite TV shows.
  • UV Index
    This shows the UV index at a certain location (US-only for now) so that you can plan your trip to the beach.
  • Magic the Gathering
    You can find more information about a specific card in Magic the Gathering with this Instant Answer.
  • Computing Permutations and Combinations
    Quick, how many ways can 10 people sit in 3 chairs, in order?

New Instant Answer Ideas:

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

Have a good weekend, and happy Valentine's day!
- The DuckDuckHack Staff

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