13 Mar

Community Activity and Overview

Hey everyone!
A very special thanks to the people who fixed issues in last week's email, namely killerfish for upgrading the Octopart Spice to the V3 API.
The rest of the issues from last week are still in need of fixing! So if you're interested in helping out, we'd be more than happy to see your Pull Request! Even the simplest bug fixes are a tremendous help :)
Notable Changes:
New Instant Answer Ideas:
  • Friday the 13th
    Today is actually Friday the 13th! Aren't you curious to know when this is going to happen next?
  • CanIUse
    Anyone out there looking to write some cross-browser compatible CSS? A CanIUse Spice would make this so much easier!
5-minute Fixes:
Weekend Warriors:
  • Implement new Flights design
    For any front end developers who love writing CSS and HTML, we're looking for someone to implement our amazing new design for the Flights Instant Answer.
  • Improve Currency Triggers
    Any regexperts out there?! The Currency Spice is currently missing out on a lot of queries and we'd really appreciate if someone could make it more flexible!
  • Bring back Forvo
    This was one of my personal favs! It needs to be updated to meet the newest Spice API. Forvo lets you hear how words are pronounced. How awesome is that?!
Have a good weekend!
- The DuckDuckHack Staff
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