1 May

Community Activity and Overview

Hello, everyone!

The community has done a very good job of maintaining the codebase recently, and it's something that we've never really had much of in the past. It's especially true when it comes to reviving old and abandoned Instant Answers, quickly finding and fixing bugs, and helping out to move to simpler or better solutions. It's quite a sight to see.

Now that we're getting more and more contributors, we've been experimenting on different ways to smooth out the entire process. One of the things we're doing behind the scenes is adding more built-in templates so that it's no longer necessary to add custom JS/CSS. And we've been building them based on your work! Check out how much cruft was removed when we transitioned to the list template or the movies template.

We have some Instant Answers that launched this week which includes Geometry, EventsNearMe, Twitch Streams, and the Dogo IAs which include movies, news, and books! To get involved this week, check out the sections below!

Notable Changes:

New Instant Answer Ideas:

  • Drug Information
    Give people detailed information about a certain drug.
  • Game Cheat Codes
    Help gamers out by giving them a list of cheat codes!
  • Arxiv Papers
    Give information about an Arxiv paper given it's identification number.

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

Have a good weekend!
- The DuckDuckHack Staff

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Love the geometry IA. Only problem I see is searching "geometry square" gets the geometry answer but searching "square" doesn't.

Also, would it be possible to link to searches in the "Notable Changes" section as well as GitHub?

Loving the work,

posted by MyUser • 3 years and 8 months ago Link