15 May

Community Activity and Overview

Hey, everyone!

This week, the Indeed job search Instant Answer went live, thanks to a rescue mission by tagawa. If you're interested in rescuing one, check out #1535 for Spice and #998 for Goodies!

Notable Changes:
These are some notable PRs that got merged this week.

New Instant Answer Ideas:
These are new ideas that you can try building from scratch!

5-minute Fixes:
These are quick and easy tasks that you can do if you have little time available.

Weekend Warriors:
These are tasks that you can do if you have a bit more time on your hands.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
- The DuckDuckHack Staff

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I forgot to say thanks for the shout out :-)

posted by tagawa Staff • 3 years and 6 months ago Link

Great improvement keep it up

posted by vojiz • 3 years and 6 months ago Link