3 Jul

Weekly Update 58: On Keeping Up With The Zeitgeist

Keeping up with the Zeitgeist

One of the reasons why people love Instant Answers is that they come up right when you need them. I think we can get better at this by being in the loop about everything, and anticipating future events. One way to think about this is through your interests. If you're into games, you might want to create Instant Answers for new games such as The Witcher 3, or maybe some games that you already love like Minecraft. Another way is to think about the date: you could write IAs that will be useful in the future such as skiing conditions or outdoor concerts.

Special mention to @mayo and @altern8tif for taking on the southern hemisphere issues, and fixing a broken URL. Both of which appeared in last week's list of issues.

Also, one of our community leaders @loganom is reviving the World of Craft Beer Instant Answer!

New Instant Answer Ideas:

  • Meetups Nearby
    Make it easy for people to find Meetup events in their area. This would be very useful as a map.  
  • Discography
    List the discography of a band or an artist.  
  • Bower Search
    This might be helpful if you're a front-end developer. Allow people to easily search for Bower packages that they can install.

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

Have a good weekend, everyone!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff.

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