10 Jul

Did you mean...?

We've improved our spelling suggestions and we'd love to hear feedback and ideas for additional improvements.

Did you mean

Lately, we've been working on generally improving when to ask, "Did you mean...?", when we think a query may contain a misspelling, but we've also improved the spelling suggestions we show. This means that you should see more accurate scenarios where we show a, "Did you mean" as well as more accurate guesses as to the word(s) you meant to type.

Over the next few months, we'll be improving spelling suggestions for non-English languages, and we'd love your help to make them better! Spelling suggestions are an integral part of helping users find what they're looking for more easily and we're excited to hear your feedback on where our non-English spelling suggestions are lacking.

If you see any poor spelling suggestions or have ideas for how we can improve non-English suggestions, please feel free to reach out in our community forums and on Twitter!

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