14 Jul

20 Million New Instant Answers Across 8 New Languages

It has been quite a while since we announced Instant Answers in the first four non-English languages.

We have been silently working to add more languages and we're proud to announce the addition of 8 new languages! In total, the new articles from Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Ukrainian, Swedish and Norwegian Wikipedias amount for over 20 million new instant answers!

Here are a few examples:

As we mentioned in the last update, you will automatically see these new Instant Answers if your web browser is set to prefer any of these languages. Of course, you can also change your language on the DuckDuckGo settings page.

Norwergian Nynorsk, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi are next on our list and we hope to add those (plus more) in the near future. If you would like us to add a language that is not yet included or have some feedback to share, feel free to send us a tweet or leave a comment below!

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Not working perfectly yet.

I have set Spanish in DDG. I try searching for pale moon and it offers me the English Wikipedia "ia=about" of the Pale Moon web browser instead of the Spanish Wikipedia, which of course exists .

posted by KNTRO translation_manager • 3 years and 7 months ago Link