13 Aug

Friends Newsletter #62

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DuckDuckGo friends,

Last month, we announced the addition of over 20 million new Instant Answers across 8 languages. Instant Answers and the amazing open source developers who create them through DuckDuckHack are making DuckDuckGo better every day, and so we've decided to devote a day to making our search experience better for developers.

On August 29th, we're hosting a virtual event to help our DuckDuckHack community create Instant Answers for searches that developers do (like this). Although this day will be focused on devs, web designers, and other technical folk, Instant Answers are meant for all kinds of searches, and so we encourage you to contribute your ideas at any time via DuckDuckHack.com

Read more about joining the event here: https://duck.co/blog/post/191/our-first-ever-global-quack-hack-save-the-date-for-aug-29th


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