28 Aug

Weekly Update 66: Global Quack & Hack Kickoff and Open Sourcing the Templates

Hello, Hackers!

Tomorrow is the Global Quack & Hack! We'll be kicking off at 05:00AM EDT and providing live chat support until 05:00AM on Sunday--but you can tune in any time! We're on Slack and repeating our webinar throughout the day!

In other news, we've open sourced all of our Instant Answer templates! So if you're interested in learning about the internals of almost every Instant Answer on DuckDuckGo, check out duckduckgo-answerbar-templates and duckduckgo-template-helpers.

Newly Released Instant Answers:

New Instant Answer Ideas:

  • CocoaPods
    Search for libraries for your Swift or Objective-C projects.
  • Processing Cheat Sheet
    Create a simple reference guide of basic operations for people starting out on Processing.
  • Docker Cheat Sheet
    Get people up and running quickly with this cheat sheet!

5-minute Fixes

Weekend Warriors:

Have a good weekend, everyone!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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nicee :)

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Nice! :)

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