4 Sep

Weekly Update 67: More Open Source Goodness and Beta Instant Answers!

Hello, Hackers!

We had a lot of contributors after the Global Quack & Hack event, and we couldn't have done it without our amazing community especially the Community Leaders and Meetup Organizers. We've been testing a new system as well, and it lets us install pull requests automatically on beta.duckduckgo.com. Check it out!

If you missed it, we've also been pushing to move most of our frontend code open source. First came our Litestrap Framework, then our Instant Answer Templates (along with our own Handlebars.js helpers), and now we just released the common styling elements used on DuckDuckgo!

New Instant Answer Ideas:

  • OSX Terminal Commands Cheat Sheet
    OSX power users will enjoy seeing a list of useful terminal commands that they could use!
  • Dash Docsets
    Dash has a ton of APIs for lots of different languages. Converting docsets to Fatheads would fill our developer documentation needs in one fell swoop!
  • Debian and KDE Bug Search
    Make it easier for people to search for Debian and KDE bugs on DuckDuckGo.

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

Have a good weekend!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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Great job guys (and girls).

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