11 Sep

Weekly Update 68: A Survey, New Instant Answers, and Many New Contributors!

Hello, Hackers!

We'd love to know what we can improve about the community and so would appreciate your answers to a few questions:


Also, this week the community pushed through and got a ton of Instant Answers to a mergeable state. Check them out below and have a great weekend!

New Instant Answers:
Here we have Instant Answers that have gone "live" this week.

New Instant Answer Ideas:
Here, we'll highlight a few nifty Instant Answer ideas submitted by the community that need a developer to bring them to life.

5-Minute Fixes:
This section contains small issues or improvements that can be accomplished in a few short minutes. Perfect for newbies or novices.

Weekend Warrior:
The tasks listed under Weekend Warriors are a challenge we need help with. Think, "Legendary" in Halo.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
- The DuckDuckHack Staff

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