23 Oct

Weekly Update 74: Organizing Quack and Hack Events

Hello, hackers!

If you're interested in organizing a Quack and Hack event in your city, we're currently open for more Meetup groups! You'll be in charge of everything from Meetup venues to working with the DuckDuckGo staff on improvements to our global community.

Speaking of Quack and Hack events, we now have 4 new Meetup events that you can go to if you're around the area: Penn State University (University Park, PA), USA, Kolkata, India, Lehigh Valley, PA, USA, Rosario, Argentina .

Here are some Instant Answers from the recent Penn State University Quack and Hack: Emoticon Cheat Sheet, GTA V Cheat Codes, and Even.

New Instant Answer Ideas:

  • Docset to Fathead Conversion
    Dash is an app for viewing developer documentation from tons of apis and languages. If we had access to their data we would have access to a ton of documentation in one fell swoop.

  • Steam Sales
    Show games which are on sale on Steam.

  • Debian and KDE bug search
    Bug tracking systems exist for both Debian and KDE and these seem like possible instant answers.

5-Minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

Happy Friday, everyone!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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