31 Oct

Weekly Update 75: Abandoned Instant Answers, and Upcoming Meetup Events

Hello, hackers!

If you're in Philadelphia tomorrow, come and visit us in this month's Quack and Hack! Again, we're open for other Meetup group proposals!

In other news, we need your help to complete some Instant Answers that have been abandoned recently: Visual Studio Cheat Sheet, Calendar, and the Interactive BMI Calculator.

New Instant Answers:

New Instant Answer Ideas:

  • Specific Heat
    Show the specific heat of a substance.

  • School Data
    Display current students, tuition, etc. about a certain school.

  • Dinosaur Locations
    Give information about where a certain dinosaur lived or where their fossils were found.

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

Have a Happy Halloween!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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Great post by DuckDuckGo experts!

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