24 Dec

Instant Answer Staff Picks for 2015

As 2015 draws to a close the number of Instant Answers (IAs) on DuckDuckGo is over 660, the majority of which were created by our kind community of contributors. They cover an eclectic variety of topics from general to niche — sometimes very niche! Let's look back at the favorite and most-used IAs for some of the DuckDuckGo staff. Perhaps you'll discover new ones that can speed up your searching in 2016...

Portrait of Caine

Caine, Search

I love weather and videos. I use calculator a lot, but wish it was better. (Editor: Improvements to the calculator are being worked on.)

Portrait of Andrey

Andrey, Search

A Bulgarian guy living in the UK working for a US company here, so I love the currency Instant Answer. It's been really useful. I was an Arch Linux user earlier this year, so the Arch Package IA was pretty useful too.

Portrait of Zaahir

Zaahir, Platform

My favourites would have to be Product Hunt, NPM, and URL En/decode. I use the first two pretty often to look for things that may or may not exist, the latter whenever I'm dealing with URLs and code. I also use the Metacpan IA all the time.

Portrait of John

John, Platform

I think what I used most this year is Fallout Wikia but Wikipedia, calculations and currency conversion also get regular use.
If !bangs count, I use !cpan about 500 times per hour.

Portrait of Olivia

Olivia, Community

For me, it's gotta be the Vi cheat sheet and weather. Both sound boring, but I use them almost every day!

Portrait of Daniel

Daniel, Community

Living in Japan, working for an American company and with family in the UK I also find myself using the currency converter all the time. If you memorize certain currency codes it's extremely handy to get instant rates. That's a practical example, a fun example is the ISS location Instant Answer. I recommended checking it every hour or so for a day to discover just how quickly the space station is cruising above us. I've also been able to catch it flying overhead a couple of times this year which is awe-inspiring. Finally, DuckSay seems silly but I use it quite a bit to send thanks to someone in an unusual way. Maybe there'll be an even better way next year — I can't wait to find out!

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