15 Jan

Join us at Global Quack & Hack 2

DuckDuckGo Global Quack and Hack 2 banner

Every day, coders around the world are helping to improve DuckDuckGo by creating Instant Answers for the topics they care about (and search) the most. On Saturday, January 30th, join us for a day dedicated to getting you involved with:

  • Meetup events around the world
  • Tutorials and webcasts for all experience levels
  • Live chat support from the staff and community

Global Quack & Hack 2 is meant to get you started and/or build on your skills as a DuckDuckHack developer. All you have to do is come ready to learn and participate.

Here's how:

  1. Request an invite to our Slack chat channels and meet other developers in the community.
  2. Discover some of our existing Instant Answers. We also have many in development or testing.
  3. Check out our updated docs, video tutorials, and new tools to get familiar with the code or set your environment up ahead of the event.
  4. Look out for a friendly DuckDuckHack meetup group in your area.

During the day (Saturday, 30th January) we'll announce news and updates on Slack and video tutorials will be available from 12:00 GMT covering topics such as:

  • State of DuckDuckGo Open Source Community
  • Getting Started with DuckDuckHack
  • Beginner-level Instant Answers
  • Advanced Instant Answers
  • Creating an all-JavaScript Instant Answer
  • Better results through community

  • Being a member of DuckDuckHack not only means your creations are seen by millions, it's also a chance to develop skills useful in other projects as well as contribute to a growing community pushing for more privacy and trust on the internet.

    See you there!

    The DuckDuckHack meetup in Kochi, India

    The Kochi DuckDuckHack meetup group at the first Global Quack & Hack in 2015. Meetups this time will take place in India (Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kochi), the US (Philadelphia, Penn State University, Lehigh Valley, New York), the UK (Glasgow), France (Strasbourg on 2nd Feb).

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