3 Mar

The desks of DuckDuckGo

On the week that we celebrated our 2nd (or 8th) birthday, it seems appropriate to share a bit about who we are. As you may know, DuckDuckGo staff are scattered across the world, mostly working remotely. So we're all sitting on the beach with a laptop in one hand and cocktail in the other, right? Not quite! Here's the view from a few of our office chairs (à la Basecamp).

Jag, Platform

Portrait of JagJag's desk

Clearly Jag does not get freaked out by a ghost staring him all day. Movie trivia: it's from the animated film "Spirited Away."

Olivia, Community

Portrait of OliviaOlivia's desk

Light, airy, and calm is Olivia's preferred style.

Chris, Design

Portrait of ChrisChris' desk

You can tell Chris is on the design team. I wonder if his desk is always that clear?

Blake, Search

Portrait of BlakeBlake's desk

The desk may be small but I'm guessing there's a breathtaking scenic view behind the curtains. Right Blake?

Zac, Community

Portrait of ZacZac's desk

Zac's desk is actually in DuckDuckGo's headquarters in Philadelphia, shared with a dog and a robot.

Thom, Design

Portrait of ThomThom's desk

Another designer's desk with similar clean lines. Something tells me Thom has a deadline coming up.

Daniel, Community

Portrait of DanielDaniel's desk

And this is where I sit — a shared office with space for yoga, zen meditation, or an afternoon nap. Even ducks have to rest sometimes...

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