11 Mar

Maintainers for Instant Answers

DuckDuckHack friends,

We’ve rolled out a change to DuckDuckHack that introduces, “maintainers” to our community. Now, every Instant Answer has an individual assigned to manage changes to it

What's a Maintainer?

A maintainer is responsible for overseeing changes to Instant Answers that they're responsible for. Most basically, they moderate Pull Requests and Issues created for IAs they maintain, to ensure the quality and reliability of an Instant Answer experience. They're the first line of defense against things like bug reports, malicious code as well as improvements and updates.

What changes are being made?

Now, when an issue is created for an Instant Answer, it will @ mention the Maintainer so that the change or proposal can be addressed according to the new, Maintainer Guidelines.

  • If a general Issue is not acknowledged by the Maintainer within 2 weeks --> it may be addressed without their input.
  • If a High-Priority Issue or PR is not acknowledged by the Maintainer within 1 week --> it may be addressed without their input.
  • If the Maintainer falls silent for 4 weeks with outstanding issues for their IA --> Maintainership of that IA is reset and available for adoption.

What does this mean for the community

If you've created an Instant Answer, you should now be noted as the Maintainer on your IA page. When someone created an issue through your page, you will be notified via GitHub and should respond according to the Maintainer Guidelines: http://docs.duckduckhack.com/maintaining/guidelines.html

We hope that having clear expectations for the long-term care of an Instant Answer will help foster a better sense of ownership and clarity for contributors. Over time, we hope that every Instant Answer has an attentive developer administrating changes and deeply caring about the answers and search topics they're moderating.

What if I don't like this change?

Please let us know!

These changes are to improve the experience for everyone in the community so if you don't like it, you're probably not alone! We sometimes make mistakes but we're always open to feedback and adjustments!

Thank you,

-The DuckDuckGo staff

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Nice update :)

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