25 Mar

DuckDuckGo Friends Newsletter #68

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DuckDuckGo friends,

This month, we're proud to have rolled out one of the most requested features of the year: Directions!
Now, you can get directions for location results on DuckDuckGo as well as select your favorite map provider for the task. Directions also work on mobile, jumping into whichever maps app you've selected, if installed on your device. Read more about the update or leave your feedback here: duck.co/blog/post/291/directions

More updates from this month:

Everyone who contributes to an Instant Answer will now have credit directly on the results page: duck.co/blog/post/253/weekly-update-90-improved-developer-attribution-

The region selector, feedback button, and html/lite sites got a touch-up for usability (and aesthetics): duck.co/blog/post/288/search-experience-improvements

We also shared pictures of DuckDuckGo staff desks from around the world.

If you're a developer, we'd love your help with our open-source side. We recently announced a new "maintainer" role for DuckDuckHack contributors. Maintainers are trusted with the long-term care of Instant Answers, helping to triage improvements and issues with them over time. If you want to moderate IAs for topics you know and love, check out the maintainer announcement.

Speaking of Instant Answers, we've had many new additions recently, including:

Finally, this month's Green Bow Tie Award for above-and-beyond contribution goes to: Melchiorre Alastra!

Melchiorre converted a ton of old Instant Answers to the new template system as well as made several improvements to the Package Tracking Instant Answer. Congrats, Melchiorre!

Until next month!

-The DuckDuckGo staff

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