9 Apr

Weekly Update 96: Helping you to help us

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Hello contributors,

Thank you for great responses in two areas this week:

One is our current focus on Instant Answers for programmers. Last Friday's blog post on this topic garnered huge attention (enough to stress-test our blog server!) and triggered further online discussions. We're also grateful that people have been continuing to fill in programming IA coverage table.

The second good response was to our Twitter poll about how to improve the DuckDuckHack newsletter (the one you're reading!). We'll be using your feedback to make a few tweaks in future but feel free to keep those suggestions coming. One thing that's clear is that many of you like to get tips and tricks so we'll try to add that. Speaking of which...

Quick Tip:

When working with Git, try using the command git status before you do anything else. This will give an extra reminder of which branch you're on, as well as alert you to any rogue file changes that may need sorting out. This single command has saved me many potential merge conflicts and other headaches since discovering it!

5-minute Fixes:

"1 Eth" should show conversion rates for Ethereum rather than generic Wikipedia info.

Similarly, this should have more priority for displaying than the About tab.

'US Corporate Tax Rates' triggers on weak relevance, so ideally it should not display.

Weekend Warriors:

This should auto-correct for Daylight Saving Time (DST), and provide a note about it.

The website and API seem to have gone offline and we're looking for an alternative.

This is an ongoing request. Still more to do but we're grateful for all the help so far.

IAs for Adoption:

These Instant Answers currently don't have maintainers. Would you like to step up?

Thanks as always for your help and have a good weekend!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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i love duck duck go and i only tried it this morning! 😄

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