16 Apr

Weekly Update 97: Stay updated

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Hello contributors,

We've made an important update to the DuckPAN server. Whether you use Codio or a local installation, please run duckpan upgrade to install the newest version of DuckPAN, v. 1001. There were some internal changes that have caused cheat sheets and Goodies with templates to not work properly in older versions of DuckPAN. Of course, feel free to message us if you run into any issues!

As a reminder, one of the useful features of DuckPAN is being able to run your own instance of DuckDuckGo, meaning you can try out your in-development Instant Answer privately, using search triggers just as other users would.

And that leads us nicely into some suggestions for Instant Answer issues you can help with...

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

IAs for Adoption:

These Instant Answers currently don't have maintainers. Would you like to step up?

Quick Tip:

We're staying with Git this week, and it's a basic but very valuable tip:

  • Always do your coding on a branch that is NOT master.

It sounds simple but will save a lot of confusion if you stick to it. Branches can be thought of as workspaces and as they're usually created from the master branch, it's important to keep that one clean and up-to-date. You'd then use a separate branch when working on a particular task, e.g. for making a new Instant Answer, you could create a branch like so: git checkout -b my-new-ia

That way, your edits will not clash with other people's work and if necessary, you can simply delete the branch and create a new one should things go wrong.

Thanks as always for your help and have a good weekend!
- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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Thank you for the update

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Done, thanks for the update

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