23 Apr

Weekly Update 98: Learning more about the community

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Hello contributors,

Thanks to those that answered our quick poll on Twitter. We were surprised to see that 50% of respondents are students. Consequently, it seems there are times in the year, like now, when things get very busy preparing for exams. If that's you then we wish you good luck! Perhaps there are even Instant Answer ideas which could help you prepare, whether it's for exams, filing taxes, or other seasonal tasks. If so, please share them in the #ia-ideas Slack channel.

And now on to some coding suggestions...

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

IAs for Adoption:

These Instant Answers currently don't have maintainers. Would you like to step up?

Quick Tip:

One more Git tip this week — a nice easy one.

When using git add, you can use the Tab key to autofill the path, without even typing the first few characters. Each time you press Tab the next directory or file name of a new and untracked file will be completed automatically, saving you typing and time!

Incidentally, this week we found a good list of 19 Git tips by Alex Kras which could also help you: www.alexkras.com/19-git-tips-for-everyday-use

Have a nice weekend everyone! - The DuckDuckGo Staff

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