30 Apr

Weekly Update 99: Spreading the word

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Hello contributors,

It was a busy time for us on reddit this week. With support from moderators, we started threads on various programming subreddits and had a fantastic response. The more feedback we get from experts on particular subjects, the more we can improve the quality of Instant Answers. So far we've seen not only several new issues and PRs created, but also discussions on wider topics such as !bangs and general DuckDuckGo features. We're trying to approach communities for each of the topics in our programming IA coverage table and you can see and join in with the Reddit discussions through this list of posts: reddit.com/search?q="help+improve+duckduckgo"

Speaking of improvements, here are a few suggestions for helping out this week:

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

IAs for Adoption:

These Instant Answers currently don't have maintainers. Would you like to step up?

Quick Tip:

I discovered this a while ago and have found myself using it again and again.

You can quickly search previous entries in your command line history using [Ctrl] + [R] - yes, on a Mac it's still [Ctrl] and not [Command].

This is particularly useful with commands you only use occasionally. For example, I keep forgetting the parameter order for adding a remote upstream Git repository. Was it git add remote upstream [repo]? Typing [Ctrl] + [R] followed by remote brings up the last time I used that command, and it shows me the correct syntax is actually git remote add upstream [repo].

You can then press [Enter] to run that command again, [Escape] to edit the command before running, or the down arrow to go back to an empty command line. Handy, huh?

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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It changed a lot since this post

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Thanks for spotting that - fixed.

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