14 May

Weekly Update 101: Getting community feedback

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Hello contributors,

This week we were lucky enough to attend a Quack & Hack meetup in Los Angeles — many thanks to Jon Paul and Sasha for organizing it. There are five of us looking after the DuckDuckGo community and we were in Los Angeles as part of a week-long team meeting. During this and the Q&H meetup, we looked in detail at our current programming Instant Answer mission and whether we can make it easier for anyone to contribute. Turns out we can! This starts with us supporting individual contributors and helping you to "own the query space", i.e. making the most of your expertise in a particular topic or programming language.

We're also looking into how the DuckDuckHack workflow can be improved, so if there's a part of the contribution process that's confusing or even preventing you from getting started, please let us know so we can make it better.

5-minute Fixes

Weekend Warriors

IAs for Adoption

Quick Tip

Here's a handy tip from my colleague, Jag. A hyphen can represent a previous location, and can be used to move quickly and save time. This works both on the command line and in Git. Let's see a couple of examples:

Command line

Let's say I'm in my home directory, e.g. /home/daniel, and I move to /usr/local:

cd /usr/local

Now if I want to move back to my home directory, I just type:

cd -


Moving between git branches is the same. Let's say I'm on the master branch and I want to change to a different one for editing:

git checkout my-edits

To get back to master I can simply type:

git checkout -

Think of all the keystrokes you can save over the years!

And with that, we wish you a great weekend!

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Great news !

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Thank you for this, it's helpful !

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yeah, same !

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