21 May

Weekly Update 102: A Slack milestone

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Hello contributors,

I'm delighted to say that this week we reached 1,000 Slack members! Fun fact: If we all stood on top of each other, we'd reach over five times higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Maybe we should try it someday... Eiffel Tower icon

With more people joining, it's great to see not just more questions but also more answers and technical help. If you've been unsure about how to contribute, now is a good time to join us on Slack, say hi, and ask for support or suggestions, no matter what your level of experience is. You can get an invite instantly here: quackslack.herokuapp.com

And if you'd like to take a look at the faces that make up the DuckDuckGo team, you might be interested in this week's blog post: duck.co/blog/post/308/getting-to-know-the-team

5-minute Fixes

Weekend Warriors

IAs for Adoption

Quick tip

Similar to last week, this is a useful trick to fix command line spelling mistakes courtesy of my colleague, John. He uses aliases to cover various spellings of commands, for example when typing quickly we could accidentally type git as gti, igt, got, etc.

Aliases are usually created within a .bashrc or .bash_profile file, found in the home directory on Linux and Mac. In that file, simply asign commands to aliases as follows, with one alias per line:

alias gti="git"

alias igt="git"

alias got="git"

In this example, typing gti status would actually execute git status. Pretty handy, huh? You need to restart the terminal for it to take effect, and then you're free to type as fast as you can, knowing that the computer will forgive any typos!

Have a great weekend everyone...

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