28 May

Weekly Update 103: Benefitting from outside help

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Hello contributors,

I'd like to share a nice example of collaboration leading to a better experience for users. We have a handy Instant Answer for finding Rust cargo packages which we told the Rust community on Reddit about. They quickly gave us specific suggestions for improvement, Tom Bebbington and PJ Hampton got coding, and now we have an Instant Answer with better triggering and showing more package results - and happy Rust developers!

This shows the value in sharing our Instant Answer coverage with programmers beyond our usual friends and followers, so if there's a forum or community you're a member of, please feel free to ask for feedback or even coding help with the growing number of programming Instant Answers we have: github.com/duckduckgo/duckduckgo/wiki/Programming-IA-Coverage

And speaking of coding, here are some ideas for contributions...

5-minute Fixes

Weekend Warriors

IAs for Adoption

The following Instant Answers are looking for a maintainer. Could that be you?

Quick Tip

Last week we saw how aliases could be used as an autocorrect for command line typing mistakes. This week, a few other ideas for how to use aliases, primarily to save time typing or to avoid having to remember long commands.

We tend to use a handful of Git commands again and again, so how about shortening them?

alias gitc = "git checkout"

alias gitcm = "git checkout master"

alias gits = "git status -sb"

Is there a directory you often move to? Try creating a single-letter alias for super-fast directory changing:

alias c = "cd /usr/local/ddg.cache/share/spice"

And aliases don't have to be letters. You could create aliases to cut out the command names altogether, like these directory changing shortcuts:

alias .. = "cd .."

alias ... = "cd ../.."

And so on...

Even if you don't use these exact aliases, hopefully they provide inspiration for you to create your own. Remember, these aliases should be added to the .bash_profile or .bashrc file in your home directory, and then restart the terminal for them to take effect.

That's all for this time. Have a great weekend!

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Nice post !

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I could be the maintainer for the Day of the Week Calculator .

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