15 Sep

Friends Newsletter #70 — The Programming Mission

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DuckDuckGo friends,

We're back, and with exciting news for those who code! Having just passed the milestone of 1,000 Instant Answers, we're now working on becoming the best search engine for developers. We've set up a new forum and are focusing on five languages to get us started: CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python and Swift. If you use these languages, you can now do things like...

Screenshot of the DuckDuckGo color picker

As always, this is thanks to the impressive contributions from the community. In particular, this month we'd like to present the Green Bow Tie Award for above-and-beyond contribution to Bruno Magalhaes (bfmags)! He's been an influential part of the Programming Mission working on pretty obscure code in the Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript IA, in addition to helping other contributors with their pull requests. As Maria from the Platform team explains, "He's really a great example of what we want from our community." Congratulations Bruno!

By concentrating all our efforts on a particular topic such as programming, we should be able to really understand what users want and provide better Instant Answers and search results accordingly. We'll then be in a position to bring those improvements to other topics and a wider audience.

Whether you're technical or not, you can join us in our quest with suggestions and ideas for more Instant Answers that help developers, or improvements to our existing ones. Here's an overview of the mission and how to get started. And as this newsletter has concentrated on how we're improving search for developers, next time we'll take a look at more general news and updates.

Until next month!

-The DuckDuckGo staff

P.S. We're hiring for product design: duckduckgo.com/hiring

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