15 Oct

Weekly Update 123: How Java is moving forward

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Hello contributors,

After announcing new languages for the Programming Mission last week, let's take a closer look at them, starting with Java which is being led by marti1125.

Currently around 8% of Java-related searches show an Instant Answer so there's a good opportunity for improvement. This is already underway and is following the Programming Mission process:

  1. Sharing IA ideas and useful websites in the brainstorming page.
  2. Starting project discussions for new IAs, e.g.:
  3. Coding the IAs and reviewing on the beta server, e.g.:

This is a great start and it'll be interesting to see the effect on coverage as the Instant Answers are released. A big thanks to the people contributing to Java projects so far: marti1125, AdiChat, Mailkov, hypocryptic and nbardiuk. If you'd like to help out as well, please follow any of the links in the above list, join in the discussions on the forum, and keep an eye on our progress in the Java overview page.

And now, here are some specific issues we're currently looking for help with...

5-minute Fixes

More quick fix ideas here...

Weekend Warriors

More high priority fix ideas here...

Quick Tip

This week's tip is relevant for developers in any language and is helpful for maintaining a consistent coding style. It's a project called EditorConfig which effectively tells your editor or IDE how to format your code.

It's an elegant concept — simply a config file with a few specifications, such as using tabs or spaces for indentation, or using a particular character set. The clever part is that you can use more than one config file, meaning you can have separate styles for work and personal projects. Some open source projects even suppy their own config files (perhaps something we should consider for DuckDuckHack?).

To use it, you may need to install a plugin so you should check the editor list on the official website. After that, you simply add a .editorconfig file in a project directory, or in the parent directory of all your code projects. The .editorconfig files are just text files and very easy to customize. Definitely worth giving a try to ensure consistency.

Happy coding everyone and enjoy your weekend!

- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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