29 Oct

Weekly Update 125: JavaScript Revisited

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Hello contributors,

We examined JavaScript progress a couple of months ago but there's so much happening at the moment, let's take another look. The work is now being led by community member Bruno (bfmags), who's guided a number of new Instant Answer (IA) releases, including:

We've noticed that reference Fatheads — documentation lookup IAs — tend to have the most coverage, that is they're displayed for a relatively high proportion of programming-related searches. To maintain this momentum, Bruno has created projects and attracted developers for AngularJS (1.x), Angular 2, Bower and ReactJS Fatheads. If there's a another framework or library that you think we need a reference IA for, please let us know!

Thank you to everyone currently contributing to JavaScript projects including Bruno, kotoshenya, VitorVRS, dip-kush, sahildua2305, akanshgulati, and others. If you'd like to help out as well, please join in the discussions on the forum, and keep an eye on our progress in the JavaScript overview page.

And now, here are some specific issues we're currently looking for help with...

5-minute Fixes

More quick fix ideas here...

Weekend Warriors

More high priority fix ideas here...

Quick Tip

Do you ever find yourself using Git and suddenly getting a message you don't understand? Perhaps it's filled with Git terms like "fast-forward", "rebase", "HEAD", and so on. You could search the web of course, but did you know Git has a built in glossary? You don't even have to leave the terminal — just type in this command:

git help glossary

Thankfully the explanations are all written clearly and are easy to understand. Use the spacebar to quickly browse through all the terms, and when you've found the information you're looking for, just press q to go back to the command prompt.

There are actually several built-in Git help commands like this. For the whole list, type:

git help -g

Hopefully this helps you out when you get stuck, and if you have a similar programming tip you'd like to share, please let us know at @duckduckhack.

Have a good weekend everybody!

- The DuckDuckGo Staff

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