24 Nov

Updates for DuckDuckHack.com

Screenshot of duckduckhack.comWe've had repositories of open source code on GitHub for several years, the most active ones being for our Instant Answers. There are four — Goodies, Spice, Fathead and Longtail — which means contributors have to check multiple repositories to create or improve Instant Answers. To solve this, we created a combined list of Instant Answer issues recently on the DuckDuckHack forum. However this has it's own restrictions in how we can edit and display the data.

Now we're pleased to announce that this list has been moved to duckduckhack.com, the original home for DuckDuckHack, together with a content refresh. The benefits of this include:

  • A combined issue list, giving us more control over function and design
  • A simplified entry page with a clearer path to contribution
  • Now using GitHub pages for anyone to submit change suggestions
  • Constant data refreshes, so the issue list is always up-to-date

The design is still familiar but these changes mean more flexibility for us in the long-term, and a good foundation for adding more features in future.

So the only thing left to do is invite you to check out the updated DuckDuckHack.com, in particular the list of open issues where you can help us build the best search engine for programmers.

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