7 Dec

Fancy testing Instant Answer prototypes?

Documentation is one of the most searched resources in programming topics. With DuckDuckHack, we strive to deliver a high quality, relevant instant answer for every search. We've been working on documentation results for some months now, and we have many great results like jquery .attr

We have a lot of data that we scrape with our Fathead Instant Answers, but what we're missing are well-presented lists, and documentation is full of lists — list of methods, classes, attributes, etc. The current mechanism for serving lists is DuckDuckGo's standard tile view, as seen here for jQuery methods

We're exploring improvements to this and want to know what would be most helpful to you as a developer. How can we show lists of items as well as individual examples and descriptions in a clear, logical way?


We've now closed the test and survey. Thank you very much to everyone who tried the prototypes and gave feedback. The results will guide the next improvements to Instant Answers for developments.

In the meantime, if you'd like to help us in our mission to be the best search engine for programmers, here's a list of open issues looking for a developer.

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