3 Nov

Interview with Boat Browser's dev team

DuckDuckGo's interview series with our browser, distribution and data partners.

An interview with Boat Browser's dev team -- a DuckDuckGo partner .


1) Who are you, and what do you work on?

We are the Boat Browser Dev team. We are working on mobile browser development. ‘Browse the world easily and intelligently’ is our vision.

2) Tell us more about Boat Browser? Who are your users?

Boat Browser was born in 2011. It is a fully customized Android browser. Users can change the toolbars, settings, themes and add-ons to make the browser personalized and powerful. Cloud service, Syncing with multi-devices and Syncing with Firefox are all packed in the new release.

Since Boat Browser supports many languages, our users are from all over the world. Most of them are aware of other famous mobile browsers, but they still set Boat Browser as the default. We are greatly encouraged by our users.

3) Why did you decide to build Boat browser? What makes it unique?

What we believe is, people could do everything easily via a browser. So we created Boat Browser, and we are trying to make it more and more powerful.

Nowadays, compared with so many apps, it is not easy to make yourself 'Unique'. The major difference between Boat Browser and other browsers is that, it is really personalized. It can be customized fully, not limited to the themes, settings, gestures and add-ons. All the function icons on the toolbar/sidebar can be changed easily.

In short, Boat Browser is your own browser!

4) What are your future plans for Boat browser?

Improving the performance, releasing more features, add-ons, etc. We all believe that, good product is the most important thing.

5) What tools do you use to build Boat browser?

Computers, mobile devices… Just like other software developers. ☺

6) What recommendations and tips would you give to someone interested in building a browser?

Firstly, we should say, it is not a good idea to build a browser, if you don’t have enough resources of technology, design idea and operating systems experience.

Mobile browser are not easy to build. So please make sure your team is strong enough, and then you can handle many complex technical problems.

We all know there are many mobile browsers in Google Play. Only some of them are successful. And they have gained most of the market share. To compete with them, your product must have at least one special feature, otherwise, you should find a strong way to promote it.

Then the last one is, you also need a professional operation team, to help you improve the user experience and revenue.

7) What would be your dream browser contain?

In our opinion, mobile browser should be a gateway to the Internet. It should be more powerful, and easier to use. So we are still on the way.
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