3 Dec

New SSL Certificate

Now that we've moved over to we had to figure out how to handle requests coming in to (our old URL). Our best option was a Multiple Domain SSL certificate, but we had to find a stop-gap solution to accommodate for the lengthy approval process. @Getty wrote up a great post that covers most of this over at .

After much red-tape and exchanges between @zac (big thanks!) and COMODO, we have been issued a brand new Multi Domain SSL certificate, and I have now installed it on this server. Consequently, we have updated the A record for to point back to this server. This may resolve the incompatibility issues some of our users have been experiencing with their XMPP clients and our SRV records.

Domains covered by the new certificate are (currently): duck.co, dukgo.com
The SHA1 fingerprint is:

Perl Code:

Please get in touch with me on XMPP at jaryd@dukgo.com or "daos" on our IRC channel if you have any problems or more questions!
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This is completely off-topic but I can't find a way of contacting you about site issues for the blog itself... In your RSS feed, you have

Perl Code:
<content type="text">
around some of the entries (including this one). As a result, in some feed readers they just appear as raw, unformatted, horrible HTML, complete with angle brackets and so on, which isn't a very good user experience.

Since it only happens on some entries and not others I suspect that your CMS is doing something weird based on whichever post editor the author used.
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