14 Feb

Activity Update #5

Please see below for an overview of some recent community activity. I'm also excited to say that we've had a lot of activity this week on the Goodies repo!
Any questions? Let us know!
Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Hugs and LOLs,
If you're looking for something to get involved with, there are a few near-finished instant answers with no response from the developer (we've included some under the, "Rescue A Pull Request" section below) and a section called, "5-Minute Fixes" which has some quick-wins if you're short on time.
Bring An Instant Answer Idea To Life:
Rescue A Pull Request:
Help With Bugs and Improvements:
5-Minute Fixes
**If you haven't already signed up at our new community platform, please join us over at duck.co. Help make it better here.
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