10 May

Community Activity and Overview This Week

This is a copy of our weekly activity email sent to the DuckDuckHack Developer's List. If you'd like to join that list, you can do so here.

Hi, Devs!

If you've been following our emails over the past couple weeks, then you know that we're working on the next version of DuckDuckGo. These upcoming changes should be going live in a few weeks and, right now, we're still busy converting instant answers for the new interface. Some of you have already jumped in and lent a hand--and to that we say, "Many thanks. We love you!"

For those who haven't seen the changes or would like to help out, you can do so by checking out our evolving task list and asking any questions you come across. Our current goal is to convert all the available Spice instant answers for the redesigned DuckDuckGo, so if you're thinking about how to contribute--that's definitely the most valuable way. Plus, beautiful instant answers make a great Mother's Day gift!

That's all for now. Here's some activity from this week:

New Things This Week:

Weekend Warrior Issues:

Have a great weekend,
-The DuckDuckGo staff

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