22 May

DuckDuckHack Platform and the new DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckHack Developers and other interested users:

Now that the new version of DuckDuckGo has launched, we've come to a serious point in organizing ongoing development and managing PRs.

Internally, we are a small team and over the past few months we've converted most of the instant answers in the Spice repo (major changes) and Goodies (minor changes) to the new API requirements. There are still some issues and a few more to convert for various reasons.

But that means that existing PRs in progress are probably broken, so you may be kind of stuck.

There are two ways forward if you have submitted a PR:

  1. You can make the changes yourself: Close your existing PR, read our documentation, follow examples and submit a new PR.
  2. Ask for help: we want to assist you. We are going to make it all work, but it may not be in the time frame you deserve. Let us know what you want to do: comment on your pull request.

We apologize for delays in getting to all of you who are contributing. This is an unavoidably bumpy process. We believe that the end result will be better all around.

What's going on right now with the platform:

  • We've launched the new version of DuckDuckGo!
  • The new Spice API is nearly complete - see https://duck.co/duckduckhack/whatsnew .
  • The existing Spice repo has mostly been converted cleaning up bugs, organizing

Whats coming up:

  • We are investigating how to bring the new features to Goodies instant answers
  • Major documentation improvements, diagrams, code walkthroughs and tutorials.
  • New and better goodies page replacement (which, by the way, we are deeply unhappy about it going away in the short term...)

And then:

  • Major DuckDuckHack platform review
  • Instant Answer "home pages", an attempt to consolidate everything about each IA on the community platform, including top queries that trigger them, ideas, and a development timeline.
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