31 May

Community Activity and Overview This Week

Hello, Devs!

It's been a week since the release, and our instant answers have been running pretty well! One thing we've been hearing from you is that setting up DuckPAN can take a bit too long so we've also been experimenting with tools to make that part easier, like Codio. Codio lets you get set up in ~3 minutes and we think you'd enjoy trying out: https://duck.co/blog/codio-duckpan.

Instant Answer Ideas:

New and Updated IAs:

  • Better audio handling in the Wordnik and SoundCloud Spice. #814
  • Fixed temperature calculations. #462
  • HTTPS -> HTTP for hidden service url. #465
  • Defer loading product ratings data from amazon until after show(). #840
  • Remove '‖' at the beginning of some hyphenations. #830

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warrior:

Have a good weekend, everyone!

  • The DuckDuckGo Team
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