6 Jun

Community Activity and Overview This Week

Hello, devs!

This was a really great week for the community, and we accomplished a lot together. (Check out the stuff that happened in Conversions and Calculator!) Great job, everyone—it looks like we're starting to pick up steam since the launch of the updated DuckDuckGo. We've also been posting these update emails as blog posts every week, and we've created a special section with the latest ones here: https://duck.co/blog/topic/Activity. (You can also get these via RSS.)

We're still looking for feedback on the Codio setup process, and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Instant Answer Ideas:

New and Updated IAs:

  • Calculator fixes for sin(pi). #473
  • Center definition play button icon. #853
  • Fixed issue with audio stream not passing through DDG proxy. #849

Check out the release notes for Spice and Goodies for more details.

5-minute Fixes:

Weekend Warriors:

Have a good weekend!
- The DuckDuckGo Team

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I just used the Codio setup procedure, and it was fantastically easy. I only suggest that you highlight it more prominently in your documentation. For example, the page at https://duck.co/duckduckhack/installing_duckpan makes no mention of Codio.

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posted by Jag Staff • 4 years and 9 months ago Link