7 May

Weekly Update 100: Celebrating open source

As you may have seen, this week we had an article published on opensource.com that explains some of our experiences building up the DuckDuckHack community. It was 2012 when we first started receiving code contributions, and since then we've learned a lot about how to make contributing easier, and how to encourage more people to join in. We're still working on improvements and plans for the future, and of course welcome your comments and ideas.

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30 Apr

Weekly Update 99: Spreading the word

It was a busy time for us on reddit this week. With support from moderators, we started threads on various programming subreddits and had a fantastic response. The more feedback we get from experts on particular subjects, the more we can improve the quality of Instant Answers. So far we've seen not only several new issues and PRs created, but also discussions on wider topics such as !bangs and general DuckDuckGo features. We're trying to approach communities for each of the topics in our programming IA coverage table and you can see and join in with the Reddit discussions through this list of posts: reddit.com/search?q="help+improve+duckduckgo"

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23 Apr

Weekly Update 98: Learning more about the community

Thanks to those that answered our quick poll on Twitter. We were surprised to see that 50% of respondents are students. Consequently, it seems there are times in the year, like now, when things get very busy preparing for exams. If that's you then we wish you good luck! Perhaps there are even Instant Answer ideas which could help you prepare, whether it's for exams, filing taxes, or other seasonal tasks. If so, please share them in the #ia-ideas Slack channel.

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16 Apr

Weekly Update 97: Stay updated

We've made an important update to the DuckPAN server. Whether you use Codio or a local installation, please run duckpan upgrade to install the newest version of DuckPAN, v. 1001. There were some internal changes that have caused cheat sheets and Goodies with templates to not work properly in older versions of DuckPAN. Of course, feel free to message us if you run into any issues!

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11 Mar

Maintainers for Instant Answers

DuckDuckHack friends,

We’ve rolled out a change to DuckDuckHack that introduces, “maintainers” to our community. Now, every Instant Answer has an individual assigned to manage changes to it

What's a Maintainer?

A maintainer is responsible for overseeing changes to Instant Answers that they're responsible for. Most basically, they moderate Pull Requests and Issues created for IAs they maintain, to ensure the quality and reliability of an Instant Answer experience. They're the first line of defense against things like bug reports, malicious code as well as improvements and updates.

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5 Feb

Looking back on Global Quack & Hack 2

On Saturday January 30, we embarked on a day of quacking and hacking, in other words uniting DuckDuckGo fans around the world to learn about how to contribute to DuckDuckGo and then put that into practice. Although the focus was on increasing awareness of our development community and its long-term plans, developers were clearly keen to get coding and we started getting contributions almost immediately.

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30 Jan

Global Quack & Hack 2 — It's Alive!

We're excited to say that our second Global Quack & Hack is underway!

We have a variety of meetups in different locations as well as developers coming together online from all over the world. Wherever you are, the discussion today is in our DuckDuckHack Slack channels. If you haven't already, please get an invite from us. Staff and expert volunteers will be around all day in all timezones to answer questions and generally make sure you're happy!

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21 Jan

DuckDuckHack — new and improved!

As you may have noticed, our pages for developers have changed a bit recently. We've done some serious spring cleaning and tried to focus on making it easier to discover, create and maintain DuckDuckGo Instant Answers. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to.

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15 Jan

Join us at Global Quack & Hack 2

DuckDuckGo Global Quack and Hack 2 banner

Every day, coders around the world are helping to improve DuckDuckGo by creating Instant Answers for the topics they care about (and search) the most. On Saturday, January 30th, join us for a day dedicated to getting you involved with:

  • Meetup events around the world
  • Tutorials and webcasts for all experience levels
  • Live chat support from the staff and community
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24 Dec

Instant Answer Staff Picks for 2015

As 2015 draws to a close the number of Instant Answers (IAs) on DuckDuckGo is over 660, the majority of which were created by our kind community of contributors. They cover an eclectic variety of topics from general to niche — sometimes very niche! Let's look back at the favorite and most-used IAs for some of the DuckDuckGo staff. Perhaps you'll discover new ones that can speed up your searching in 2016...

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3 Sep

Global Quack & Hack: The Aftermath

Last weekend, developers from around the world gathered together to improve DuckDuckGo's search results in the first-ever Global Quack & Hack. During this 24-hour hack day, the DuckDuckGo open source community broke country and language barriers to (DuckDuckHack) code alongside each other and create Instant Answers for searches that developers frequently do. Today, we're excited to share some of the amazing things the community accomplished in that short time:

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