19 Aug

The First Global Quack & Hack

DuckDuckGo Global Quack and Hack banner

Join the DuckDuckGo community Saturday, August 29th for 24 hours of hacking our search engine! Our community will come together virtually and at meetup groups worldwide for the first-ever, “Global Quack & Hack” as we gather to improve the search experience for developers. Participants will connect with other members of the community, learn about our open source platform, and create, “Instant Answers” (like this) for tech-related searches

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3 Aug

Our First Ever Global Quack & Hack – Save the Date for Aug 29th

On Saturday, August 29th, we are hosting the first ever Global Quack & Hack – an open source event to improve DuckDuckGo search results by building Instant Answers. Our open source platform, DuckDuckHack enables any developer (novices and experts alike) to create Instant Answers that help you find what you're looking for in few or zero clicks. For example, searching for regex cheat sheet or python code editor? We can show you exactly what you're looking for--above any ads or links--all thanks to DuckDuckHack contributors.

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10 Jul

Weekly Update 59: DuckDuckHackathons Galore!

DuckDuckHackathons Galore!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to last weekend's Bangalore Meetup! Many new awesome cheat sheets were developed as well as a couple Goodies:

We also manged to get a couple great photos!

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12 May

Hack Your City

Represent DuckDuckGo in your city! We're excited to announce that we're accepting applications for volunteers to lead monthly DuckDuckHack developer meetup groups. These meetup groups aim to bring like-minded DuckDuckHack community members together to eat, chat, and hack on Instant Answers for the DuckDuckGo search engine. The bill is on us 😄

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26 Dec

Holiday Travelling

Hello Everyone!

The holidays are here and now it's time for everyone to take a well deserved break. Most of the DuckDuckGo Staff will be travelling for the holidays this week and next, so please be aware that we may be less responsive (or unresponsive) to email, GitHub pings, and the forum during this time.

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