23 Oct

Weekly Update 74: Organizing Quack and Hack Events

Hello, hackers!

If you're interested in organizing a Quack and Hack event in your city, we're currently open for more Meetup groups! You'll be in charge of everything from Meetup venues to working with the DuckDuckGo staff on improvements to our global community.

Speaking of Quack and Hack events, we now have 4 new Meetup events that you can go to if you're around the area: Penn State University (University Park, PA), USA, Kolkata, India, Lehigh Valley, PA, USA, Rosario, Argentina .

Here are some Instant Answers from the recent Penn State University Quack and Hack: Emoticon Cheat Sheet, GTA V Cheat Codes, and Even.

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16 Oct

Friends Newsletter #63

This is a copy of our monthly friends email newsletter. If you want to get it via email, you can sign up on our about page.

DuckDuckGo friends,

In August, a worldwide community of open source contributors gathered to improve DuckDuckGo's search results in the first-ever, "Global Quack & Hack."...

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2 Oct

Weekly update 71: Unfinished Instant Answers and Help Fixing Bugs!

Hello, everyone!

If you're thinking of doing some programming this weekend, consider continuing some of our unfinished Instant Answers such as the Multimonth Calendar (which is honestly really cool) and our Interactive BMI Calculator!

If you're more interested in making your own, see if any of the ideas below fancy you. We get contributions from both front-end and back-end developers so don't be shy and join us!

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4 Sep

Weekly Update 67: More Open Source Goodness and Beta Instant Answers!

Hello, Hackers!

We had a lot of contributors after the Global Quack & Hack event, and we couldn't have done it without our amazing community especially the Community Leaders and Meetup Organizers. We've been testing a new system as well, and it lets us install pull requests automatically on beta.duckduckgo.com. Check it out!

If you missed it, we've also been pushing to move most of our frontend code open source. First came our Litestrap Framework, then our Instant Answer Templates (along with our own Handlebars.js helpers), and now we just released the common styling elements used on DuckDuckgo!

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3 Sep

Global Quack & Hack: The Aftermath

Last weekend, developers from around the world gathered together to improve DuckDuckGo's search results in the first-ever Global Quack & Hack. During this 24-hour hack day, the DuckDuckGo open source community broke country and language barriers to (DuckDuckHack) code alongside each other and create Instant Answers for searches that developers frequently do. Today, we're excited to share some of the amazing things the community accomplished in that short time:

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28 Aug

Weekly Update 66: Global Quack & Hack Kickoff and Open Sourcing the Templates

Hello, Hackers!

Tomorrow is the Global Quack & Hack! We'll be kicking off at 05:00AM EDT and providing live chat support until 05:00AM on Sunday--but you can tune in any time! We're on Slack and repeating our webinar throughout the day!

In other news, we've open sourced all of our Instant Answer templates! So if you're interested in learning about the internals of almost every Instant Answer on DuckDuckGo, check out duckduckgo-answerbar-templates and duckduckgo-template-helpers.

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21 Aug

Weekly Update 65: New Cheat Sheet Templates and Slack Chat Invites

Happy Friday!

First of all, props to Ettienne (@Sloff on Github) for converting all of our cheat sheets to use the new templates! We've added new templates to accommodate different cheat sheet styles so that your Wu-Tang cheat sheet can look different from your code cheat sheet.

If you haven't joined our Slack team yet, you can get an invite here. It's where we talk about the development of Instant Answers, and anyone can join in.

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19 Aug

The First Global Quack & Hack

DuckDuckGo Global Quack and Hack banner

Join the DuckDuckGo community Saturday, August 29th for 24 hours of hacking our search engine! Our community will come together virtually and at meetup groups worldwide for the first-ever, “Global Quack & Hack” as we gather to improve the search experience for developers. Participants will connect with other members of the community, learn about our open source platform, and create, “Instant Answers” (like this) for tech-related searches

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