3 Aug

Our First Ever Global Quack & Hack – Save the Date for Aug 29th

On Saturday, August 29th, we are hosting the first ever Global Quack & Hack – an open source event to improve DuckDuckGo search results by building Instant Answers. Our open source platform, DuckDuckHack enables any developer (novices and experts alike) to create Instant Answers that help you find what you're looking for in few or zero clicks. For example, searching for regex cheat sheet or python code editor? We can show you exactly what you're looking for--above any ads or links--all thanks to DuckDuckHack contributors.

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31 Jul

Weekly Update 62: New Faces


We've seen a lot of new faces over the past couple months and so we think now is a good time to review these emails. Every week, we send this email and x-post it to our blog to draw attention to contributors and the Instant Answers they're building. Every email follows the same structure:

A paragraph or two on general updates, reminders, and tidbits followed by categorized sections:

"New Instant Answer Ideas"

Here, we'll highlight a few nifty Instant Answer ideas submitted by the community that need a developer to bring them to life.

"5-minute Fixes"

This section contains small issues or improvements that can be accomplished in a few short minutes. Perfect for newbies or novices.

"Weekend Warriors"

The tasks listed under Weekend Warriors are a challenge we need help with. Think, "Legendary" in Halo.

Sticking with the usual motif, please see what you can accomplish below! We'd love to highlight your achievements in the next email or a blog post!

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24 Jul

Weekly Update 61: Searches That Annoy You, and More Meetup Updates!

Hello, everyone!

Some of you have reached out to us this week looking for inspiration on what Instant Answers to create. Although we have a ton on ideas from our community, we encourage you to build Instant Answers for the searches that annoy you most! Think of the searches you perform often and which ones don't have an Instant Answers. Then ask yourself how that search can be solved via an Instant Answer. For example, searching for Ruby Gems is a great experience but searching for Ruby syntax is not. In this case, an Instant Answer could be made for Ruby syntax searches, using a source like this.

Also, we just want to remind you that there are two Meetup events happening this week!

Dallas, TX - Saturday, July 25

Los Angeles, CA - Wednesday, July 29

Come on over if you're in the area for food, drinks, and coding! Check out the full list of Meetup groups here as well for future events.

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17 Jul

Weekly Update 60: Announcing the Global Quack and Hack and Our First Event in Texas!


Mark your calendars for Aug 29th because we're hosting a Global Quack & Hack, and you're invited to participate online or via a local Meetup group. Expect broadcasts from the staff, live coding help for your Instant Answers, and a central theme of helping answer technical searches (programming, cryptography, design, etc). Get ready and we'll share details soon!

Speaking of meetups, the first event in Texas is coming to Dallas next weekend. Please join us if you're in the area: http://www.meetup.com/Quack-Hack-Dallas/events/223958922/

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10 Jul

Weekly Update 59: DuckDuckHackathons Galore!

DuckDuckHackathons Galore!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to last weekend's Bangalore Meetup! Many new awesome cheat sheets were developed as well as a couple Goodies:

We also manged to get a couple great photos!

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3 Jul

Weekly Update 58: On Keeping Up With The Zeitgeist

Keeping up with the Zeitgeist

One of the reasons why people love Instant Answers is that they come up right when you need them. I think we can get better at this by being in the loop about everything, and anticipating future events. One way to think about this is through your interests. If you're into games, you might want to create Instant Answers for new games such as The Witcher 3, or maybe some games that you already love like Minecraft. Another way is to think about the date: you could write IAs that will be useful in the future such as skiing conditions or outdoor concerts.

Special mention to @mayo and @altern8tif for taking on the southern hemisphere issues, and fixing a broken URL. Both of which appeared in last week's list of issues.

Also, one of our community leaders @loganom is reviving the World of Craft Beer Instant Answer!

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26 Jun

Weekly Update 57: Ten million searches, bug hunts, and Meetup events!

As you might have heard, we've recently crossed ten million searches a day, which means that a whole lot of people are going to see your work.

So I think it's time for us to go on a bug hunt. Test our instant answers on https://duck.co/ia, and tell us if you find anything wrong with the results that you get. Maybe it doesn't work in your country or maybe things don't work as you'd expect. We'd love any kind of feedback on them!

Special thanks to @pghpeglow, @getjithin, and @NAMANDISTRO for hosting their cities' Meetup events this past week!

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23 Jun

Why DuckDuckGo is giving away 10,000 shirts


DuckDuckGo just crossed ten million searches a day for the first time ever! We’re proud to be helping so many people take back their privacy. In celebration, we’re giving away ten thousand DuckDuckGo t-shirts to enthusiasts who help their friends and family take back their privacy as well.
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19 Jun

Community Activity and Overview

All the old cheat sheets have been converted to the new format--thanks to Kishor, Alfonz, and Puneeth for doing such a great job at that!

We need to be vigilant when it comes to Instant Answer triggering because we don't want them to show up on unrelated queries. We need your help to test and fix them! Check out the "5-minute Fixes" section for more details.

If you have a little bit more time available, we need your help doing some spring cleaning in both the Goodies and Spice repos!

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