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Welcome to DuckDuckHack!

We are a community of DuckDuckGo users who help improve the search engine with, "Instant Answers". To get started, please request an invite to our Slack team. You may join multiple Slack channels to discuss your Instant Answer ideas with others who may have the same interests!

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What are Instant Answers?

Instant Answers help you find what you're looking for in few or zero clicks. They're placed above ads and regular search results, and they're created/maintained by you (the community). Some Instant Answers are built from pure code and others require external sources (API requests), databases, or key-value stores. The possibilities are endless but the point is to provide a perfect result for every search.

App search Instant Answer example

In the above example, Quixey was a source that our own DuckDuckHack Community suggested for mobile app search. Now, any time someone searches for apps on DuckDuckGo, we request information directly from Quixey to help answer the search.

To see just how simple it is to contribute an Instant Answer, check out David Farrell's PerlTricks post: Writing DuckDuckGo plugins just got easier.

In these docs, we'll show you how to build Instant Answers that can do this and more. Start by reading about ways to contribute.

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